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May 03, 2018
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If you have a cavity you may be wondering how this problem is treated.fillings

Most people will face cavities at some point, whether it occurs in childhood, your teen years or as an adult. In fact, cavities are the most common dental disorder (with gum disease coming in second). Of course, if you haven’t had a cavity before and our Shelby Township, MI, dentist, Dr. Shikha Sood, has discovered that you have a cavity you may be wondering what will happen to treat the problem and restore the tooth. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

You have a cavity. Now what?

Whether we’ve already told you that you have a cavity or you are dealing with dental pain and suspect that it might be due to a cavity, it’s important that you seek treatment right away. The sooner you nip decay in the bud the better for the health and integrity of your tooth. Of course, removing the decay is the first thing our Shelby Township general dentist will do.

Even though tooth enamel has no nerves, we will still numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthesia before we remove the cavity to prevent sensitivity. Once the area is completely numb, we will use a dental drill to remove all of the decay. Once the decay has been removed, it’s now time to rebuild the tooth with a dental filling.

What is a dental filling exactly?

A filling is a restoration that is designed to fill those holes that are left over from where we had to remove decayed enamel. As you might imagine, we can’t just leave holes in your teeth. They need to be filled in order to restore nearly full strength and resilience back into the tooth, as well as to improve its appearance.

Of course, we also believe that the only person who should ever know that you’ve had dental work is you. This means that here in Shelby Township, we pride ourselves on creating lifelike and realistic restorations. This is why we offer tooth-colored dental fillings. These fillings are made from a moldable material known as composite resin. The resin is first matched to the shade of your tooth so it’s not noticeable once it’s placed.

Next, the resin is applied and shaped in layers. The resin is moldable, making it easy to contour it over and inside the holes to properly restore the tooth. Once a layer has been shaped we will harden it with a dental laser before applying the next layer. Multiple layers will need to be placed in order to fully restore the tooth. Once it’s complete you won’t even be able to tell that you have a filling.

No matter whether you have questions about getting a dental filling, you might be concerned that you are dealing with a cavity or you just need to schedule a routine dental cleaning with our Shelby Township, MI, family dentist, don’t hesitate to call Sood Family Dental today.


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