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September 11, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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After visiting Dr. Shikha Sood at Sood Family Dental in Shelby Township for professional teeth whitening, the last thing you want is to wind up with discoloration once again. Did you know that there are many foods that can actually help you keep your teeth a brilliant, Food for Whiteningsparkling white? Stock your home with a variety of these five healthy foods that promote teeth whitening and enjoy a smile that will continue to look fantastic long after your procedure is over.

1. Apples

An apple a day doesn't just keep the doctor away; it can help you keep your teeth white as well. This is because apples are a crunchy, abrasive food. Every time you take a bite, the rough interior or the apple acts as a small scrub brush, scrubbing away germs and food particles that can cause discoloration.

2. Pineapples

Pineapples might be juicy and sweet, but eating them can actually help your dental health, not harm it. Pineapples contain an enzyme known as bromelain, which helps break up plaque, reduces your chances of cavities and supports teeth whitening.

3. Strawberries

While you will want to avoid most red foods, especially berries, after your tooth whitening procedure, strawberries are one food you can make an exception for. Strawberries contain malic acid, a natural astringent that helps to remove surface discoloration.

4. Cheese

Cheese and other dairy products aren't just good for your tooth strength; they can help keep your teeth white and bright as well. Not only does cheese protect your tooth enamel, but it also increases your saliva production, which helps wash away stain-causing bacteria and food particles.

5. Nuts

Another abrasive food, nuts also act as small scrub brushes, effectively clearing away the bacteria and food particles that linger on your teeth all throughout the day. Plus, nuts also increase your saliva production, which helps to wash any remaining bacteria away.

After professional teeth whitening from Dr. Sood at Sood Family Dental at Shelby Township, your teeth are sure to look great. Now you just have to keep them looking that way. Enjoy these five foods and make sure to visit your dentist in Shelby Township on a regular basis to keep your teeth looking amazing long after your teeth whitening procedure is through.


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