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The thought of having a root canal can be a bit intimidating for some people, however, this tooth-saving treatment can help you avoid moreroot canal invasive treatments such as extraction. Furthermore, the root canal procedure is similar to having a cavity filled, so there is nothing to fear! Here at Sood Family Dental in Shelby Township, MI, Dr. Sood provides this treatment for patients that have undergone dental trauma or have accumulated mass tooth decay—read on to learn if this treatment is right for you too!

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that preserves and restores infected teeth. At the center of each tooth is a soft material called dental pulp which runs through canals in the root. When this pulp becomes infected, root canal treatment is used to clean the infected areas inside the affected tooth.

This treatment is of utmost importance, for when the pulp is infected, teeth can become weak and damaged. Furthermore, the infection can cause an abscess to form below the tooth. If the infected pulp is not removed from inside the tooth and root, an extraction might be necessary. Additionally, the infection could spread to other teeth and place them at risk for extraction, as well.

When is a root canal needed?

There are several signs you might need a root canal. You might need one if you are experiencing sharp pain when biting into or chewing food. You might also need a root canal if you have a severe/persistent toothache or persistent pain or pressure in the mouth. Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages is another sign that you might need a root canal. Dr. Sood, your Shelby Township dentist, can examine any problem teeth to determine if they might benefit from root canal treatment.

How is a root canal performed?

The procedure for performing a root canal is quite similar to the procedure for filling a cavity. After prepping the tooth needing a root canal, the dentist will drill into the tooth to access the infected pulp, which will then be removed. Once all infected pulp is removed, the interior of the tooth and root is thoroughly cleaned. The tooth is then filled and sealed with dental filling just like a cavity. Afterward, the tooth will be stronger and will be able to resume normal biting and chewing functions without pain or sensitivity.

What are the benefits of a root canal?

A root canal offers several benefits, one of which being that it can preserve the natural tooth structure and avoid the need for extraction. Another benefit is that it protects other teeth from infection by stopping the infection from spreading. A root canal also alleviates any pain, pressure, or sensitivity caused by the infection. Finally, root canals restore weak and damaged teeth and make them strong again so they can resume normal tooth functions.

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