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If you place a high value on your personal appearance as most people do, chances are that improving the whiteness of your teeth is at the top of your list of to-dos. There are a few questions that commonly come up when patients are interested in teeth whitening services from Dr. Shikha Sood, a trusted Shelby County cosmetic dentist. Her practice is always on top of the latest trends in dentistry and happy to provide patients with the dental information that they need. 

How Long for a Whiter Smile?
You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that getting a professional in-office whitening takes about an hour or two. In just one appointment, Dr. Sood can improve the shade of your teeth by up to eight shades. She uses a professional strength whitening solution and tools to quickly and thoroughly brighten your smile.

Are There Any Risks?
Tooth whitening is a safe and effective dental service. One possible issue to be aware of is the possible irritation of the gums, which sometimes occurs in patients who have gum sensitivity. The high concentration of hydrogen peroxide can cause mild inflammation of the gums, which is why your Shelby County dentist will take special care to protect them during your teeth whitening appointment.

How Long Does Whitening Last?
Another common question that patients have is how long they can expect to enjoy the effects of a whiter, brighter smile. Depending on how you care for your teeth, the whitening effects can last for two years or longer before another appointment is necessary. Make it a point to protect your teeth from foods and beverages that can cause staining and discoloration.

Whiter Teeth Today
Having a better looking smile can give you the confidence that you need to thrive in life, whether it’s at work or when socializing. If you're a Shelby County resident who is finally ready to receive the whiter smile of your dreams, contact the office of Dr. Shikha Sood for a teeth whitening consultation at (586) 207-1471. 

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