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Would you be prepared if you or a friend or relative experienced a dental emergency? In some cases, prompt action can mean the dental emergencydifference between saving or losing a tooth. Shelby Township, MI, dentist, Dr. Shikha Sood, discusses several different dental emergencies and explains what you should do if they occur.

Knocked out tooth

Falls, automobile accidents and sporting events are common causes of knocked out teeth. As soon as you realize that the tooth has been knocked out, start searching for it. If you find it, rinse it and put it back in its socket. If your tooth won't fit in the socket easily, don't worry. Wrap it in gauze, if you have it and place the tooth in a covered container filled with your saliva or milk. Call our Shelby Township office immediately. Reimplantation rates are much higher if you receive dental treatment within the first hour.

Loose tooth

The same accidents that knock out teeth can also loosen them and move them out of their normal position. If your tooth has moved, gently push it back in place without forcing it. A loose tooth should also be evaluated as soon as possible. During the trip to the office, don't touch your tooth or chew on it. If you're in pain, take an over-the-counter pain reliever and apply ice to your cheek.

Broken tooth

Blows to the face and accidents are common causes of broken teeth, but the problem can also occur if you have a crack in your tooth and take a bite of food. Take over-the-counter pain medications and hold an ice pack against your cheek to decrease pain and swelling. Applying a little dental cement to the exposed edges of the tooth can help control the pain until it's time for your emergency appointment. Dental cement is usually included in tooth repair kits available in stores.

Prompt treatment is the key to handling dental emergencies. If you experience an emergency, call Shelby Township, MI, dentist, Dr. Sood, at (586) 207-1471 immediately.

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